Is my physical TechDisc too different from what I normally throw?

Modified on Wed, 13 Dec 2023 at 08:37 AM

It's common to think your TechDisc should match your usual disc mold and stability, but that doesn't actually show up in the data! TechDisc only measures your throwing motion and release angle, not the disc's flight.

Your choice of disc only matters within the Flight Simulator, where you can adjust its flight numbers and see the effect on the simulated flight path. Even with a Discraft Force (overstable high-speed distance driver), you can set flight numbers to represent a Discraft Hades, MVP Wave, Dynamic Discs Maverick, etc.

See the difference in simulated flight and distance for the Force, Wave and Maverick below. Each simulation used the same max-weight TechDisc Force throw!

Discraft Force - 175g (12, 5, 0, 3)

MVP Wave - 165g (12, 5, -2, 3)

Dynamic Discs Maverick - 170g (7, 4, -1.5, 3)

The sensor works the same way for all disc types. Think of the disc as an interface for your hand. You can throw a TechDisc distance driver and use that data to simulate the flight of a fairway driver, putter, or any other disc you prefer. We know of some who have even thrown it like an Ultimate disc, DIscraft Ultrastar!

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