LED Status Meaning

Modified on Mon, 25 Mar 2024 at 10:47 AM

green blinking light means the TechDisc is on but the Bluetooth is not connected to any devices. Use the mobile (Android or iOS) or web app to pair your TechDisc to your device. The green light will blink for up to 60 seconds while waiting for a connection.

green solid light means the TechDisc is connected to your app via Bluetooth and ready for a throw. 

blue blinking light means a throw is stored in the sensor and that it is trying to transmit throw data via Bluetooth. Once the data is successfully sent the LED will turn off for 5 seconds and then  turn solid green. 

red blinking light means an error. For assistance, please contact TechDisc support via our Support Ticketing System, or send us an email to help@techdisc.com.

Additional Tips

To save battery, the sensor will go to sleep if it is still for a minute. The sensor will automatically wake up when you pick it up or move it. 

If the disc isn't connecting via Bluetooth then let us know what device and app you are using to help you troubleshoot the issue.

Try to use a new device with updated Bluetooth:

Your laptop may have an older version of Bluetooth. You can buy a USB Bluetooth dongle that supports Bluetooth 5 to get that faster transfer speed back. You may also be successful by disconnecting any other Bluetooth devices from your laptop. 

Any newer mobile device should support Bluetooth 5.

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