Why Can't I adjust Fade or Wobble in the Simulator?

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 07:33 PM

Turn and fade describe the horizontal movement of the disc during its flight.

Turn refers to the initial rightward movement of a disc thrown by a right-handed player (leftward for left-handed players). It occurs at the beginning of the flight due to the disc's high airspeed and low stability.

Fade refers to the gradual leftward movement of the disc toward the end of its flight. This happens due to the disc's natural tendency to stall and lose lift as its airspeed decreases.

Understanding Turn and Fade:

Both turn and fade are measured on a scale of -5 to +5, with 0 being a neutral flight path.

Discs with higher positive turn values will turn more to the right initially, while those with higher negative values will turn less or even fade early.

Discs with higher positive fade values will fade more dramatically to the left at the end of their flight, while those with lower values will fade less or even continue turning to the right.

Calculating Fade:

While turn and fade are distinct, they are interconnected. The approximate fade value of a disc is calculated using a combination of its speed and turn ratings. This value is not directly user-adjustable but helps understand the overall flight path.


Wobble is another important factor influencing disc flight, but it can make the physics calculations complex. Currently, it is not directly incorporated into the fade calculation. However, our developers are planning to add it in the future as we continue to improve the simulator. 

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